Dino Dare

Do you guys have internet friends?

Because I’m sure most people here will understand when I say:

internet friends are the best!

Here’s how I met, then discovered something great with one:

Dino Dare is someone I met a little under two years ago in my Discord server

Did we instantly click? Did we intuitively know that “woah. there’s something different about them…”


We didn’t know we were twins.

November 4, 2020

The first time our twin telepathy activated was when we were discussing our Breath of the Wild horse names. We learned that we both named the royal horse “Zelda” and freaked out. However, Dino was the first one to pick up on the twin telepathy, saying: “TWINS” right after the reveal.¹

November 6, 2020

Just two days later, I caught onto the telepathy, and, with realizing it, established our twin identities. That day, there was another twin moment, and I typed something that came into my head:

“You’re just like me
I’m just like you”²

How did this come into my head? I have never once watched Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper™ but the song seemed perfect. And it was. It is.


¹ Dare, Dino. Text message to rebecca. 6 Nov 2020.

² rebecca. Text message to Dino Dare. 6 Nov 200

Fun Tech Accessories/Supplies

Tech accessories are fun! Today, I’ll be talking about my favourites.

Power Banks


Power banks are used to charge your phone when you don’t have access to an outlet, you just need your phone cord to charge. They’re usually small and portable, depending on how much power it can hold. This specific power bank above can be bought at Miniso, and holds up to 1-3 full phone charges. It also comes with a cordless earpiece that connects to your phone with Bluetooth to take calls. Basically, you’re buying two for one.

You can also look like a super sneaky spy

Headphone Jack Accessories

Image result for tech accessories phone

Headphone jack accessories are absolutely adorable and be bought at many Asian stores. However, they can only work for:
a) Phones that have headphone jacks (rip iphone x)
b) Phones with the jack on the top of the phone (depends on the accessory design, but most are made to sit on top). Online, good headphone jacks can be found on Amazon. I’ve included links of jack accessories of a jewel, a dog, and a carriage themed one.


Slide View: 1: PopSockets PopMinis Breakfast Club Phone Stand Set

Popsockets were a huge trend about 1-2 years ago, and I still love them. They’re so useful for propping up and not dropping your phone. I mostly find them in Chapters, but they’re really expensive there, so I recommend Amazon instead.

There are also phone holders with rings if you prefer:
Image result for phone holder ring

I find that these can be more stable with holding your phone up on it’s side, just because the ring isn’t round. It could also be easier to hold because there’s a place to put your finger in.


Image result for stickers on phoneImage result for stickers on phone

Ok this is pretty simple but using stickers to put on your case or phone can really personalize and make it look f u n !!! It’s a good idea since they can be changed any time.

For a tutorial on how to make your own stickers from home, click here. Note: Please don’t do this to steal other people’s hard work! If you can afford a good computer or colour printer, you can buy their stickers if they sell any, or buy some at a store.



o hey there – Life Updates

So I haven’t posted on here in almost a year and I kind of want to start posting again // cut to every other time I said this and failed

But anyways, a lot has happened this summer so why not share it

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

^ y’all remember dividers and colourful text aww

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Exams and Summer (send cold air)

so I’m still in school


Tomorrow is my last school day, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are exams days

And I’m procrastinating so much because it’s so hot ahh the heat is making me so tired and unmotivated

It’s 22c (71f), and where I am that’s pretty hot and I’m melting

send cold air

But I’m so excited for summer because then I won’t have to do or worry about anything

Also, I need to get shorts because they’re the most comfortable thing ever


^ who remembers when I used to always make my name like with that colour on Fairy Life klsjdfkd

Happy Easter Fools Day! + how the interview went yikes

Ok first off happy eater and April 1st!! everything’s going on too fast aksddhlkfdj it’s gonna be summer soon

Ok for the interview I don’t think I was the best like I was okish and for some reason he allowed my mom to come too so that helped but I wasn’t able to answer some of the bigger questions he asked because I wasn’t prepared to ask them and I was so nervous kfdfjaksl like what my strengths and weaknesses are and everything.

On another note I recently got some pretty rad clothes but I feel like I’m not cool enough to wear them so I guess I’m just wearing them whenever I don’t see people I know lolzzz

how was your week y’all



So I have an interview on Saturday for the kids info desk at my church and I AM TERRIFIED



but I have a 4 day weekend coming up because of Easter weekend woohoo lucky me

Also I’m trying to master a messy bun and it’s so hard it takes me so many tried to do it and I have it right now but I just realized it’s lopsided why are they so hard